How Long Should a Garage Door Last in Oregon?

Our garages are an essential pathway in and out of our residences and businesses that most people use each day. Yet garage doors have a defined life, just like the vehicles they protect. The life span of a garage door depends on craftsmanship, care, use and environment, so it’s important to know when it’s time for a replacement. Factors That Affect Your Garage Door’s Life Span Industry guidelines estimate a garage door’s life span to be between 15-30 years, depending on the operating conditions and upkeep. In addition to age, many other factors impact how long a garage door will […]

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Weatherproofing Tips for Garage Doors in Oregon

Jump To: 1. Add Insulation 2. Check the Weatherstripping 3. Use an Automatic Opener 4. Seal Any Cracks and Gaps Garage Door Weatherproofing Services From Valley Overhead Door A new season always seems to be right around the corner. To prepare for temperature changes over the course of 12 months — and unpredicted weather conditions — in Oregon, it’s important to make sure that your garage door is able to protect your home and the individuals inside it. Fortunately, preparing your garage door for the weather is generally a simple task. Keep reading to learn more about how to weatherproof your […]

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Common Garage Door Problems in Oregon

Jump To: 1. Garage Door Remote Control Stopped Working 2. Garage Door Won’t Open & Close Properly 3. Garage Door Reverses Before It Hits the Floor 4. Garage Door Reverses After It Hits the Floor 5. Garage Door Becomes Stuck 6. Garage Door is off of its Hinges 7. Garage Door Motor Won’t Turn Off 8. Garage Door Opener Won’t Work Because Your Home Lost Power 9. Garage Door Makes Loud Noise When Opening & Closing 10. Garage Door has Damage or Rust 11. Garage Door is not Properly Sealed 12. Garage Door Doesn’t Open in Cold Weather Professional Garage […]

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The Effects of Rain Damage on Garage Doors and How to Prevent It

Jump To: Can Rain Damage Garage Doors? How Does Water Affect My Garage Door? How to Prevent Rain Damage on Garage Doors How to Protect Garage Doors From Flooding If you’re an Oregon resident, you are all too familiar with rainy days and torrential downpours. In the same way you keep your umbrella and rain boots handy, you can take measures to shield your garage door from the weather. Protecting your garage door from the elements is essential because rain has the potential to cause severe water damage. This article will cover the effects of rain damage on garage doors, […]

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How to Maintain Garage Doors in Oregon

Jump To: Inspect Your Garage Door Service the Chain or Belt Service the Seals and Springs Inspect and Replace the Rollers Cleaning the Garage Door Perform Safety Tests Your garage door is an essential part of your home. It opens and closes to give you safe access to your house. It protects the items inside from the elements. Your garage door even serves as a line of defense against intruders. For these reasons and more, you’ll want to make sure you’re practicing proper garage door maintenance.  If you’re wondering how to maintain your garage door in Oregon, Valley Overhead Door […]

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Wood Composite Garage Doors

Jump To: Real Wood Vs. Faux Wood Benefits of Wood-Look Garage Door COACHMAN® Collection CANYON RIDGE® Collection Upgrade Your Garage Door With Valley Overhead Door Wood composite garage doors are made by adhering a variety of materials to a metal door to make it resemble a wooden door. If you’re shopping around for a new garage door, there’s a good chance you’re considering one of these. They’re environmentally friendly, low maintenance and exceptionally durable. However, not all composite garage doors are created equal, and some lower-quality models fail to emulate real wood convincingly. Read through our guide to learn about […]

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