Garage Door Panel Repair in Albany, Oregon

Garage Door Panel Repair in Albany, Oregon

Your garage door panels stand up to the elements every day. The frequent rain in Oregon can break down panel material over time, causing rust. Or, you may have dents from kids bouncing balls on the garage doors. Vehicle collisions are also common with commercial and residential doors. 

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Before you begin shopping for a new door, consider garage door panel replacement. Removing the damaged panel and replacing it with a new one costs less than buying and installing a new door. Replacing broken garage door panels can save you money and downtime for repairs. Valley Overhead Door offers garage door panel services in Albany, Oregon, and surrounding areas. 


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Why Repair Your Garage Door Panels? 

If you find damage in a few places, but the rest is in good shape, you can save your garage door. You can still get many years out of an otherwise solid garage door. Replacing damaged panels is the best way to maintain the door’s efficiency.

There are many benefits to replacing door panels, including: 

  • Increased curb appeal: Your home will look better with clean, smooth and uniform garage door panels. If you want to sell your house anytime soon, replacing beat-up panels is an easy step to improving the home’s worth. 
  • Longer garage door life: Maintenance plays a critical role in your door’s overall longevity. To reduce additional wear and tear that could cause worse problems, you need to replace damaged garage door panels. They can ensure your door’s integrity for years to come. 
  • Lower costs: Getting a new garage door is necessary for many instances, but it costs a lot more than replacing a few panels. Most garage doors can last at least seven years, so if your garage door is younger, there’s no reason to replace it entirely. 

Choose Valley Overhead Door for Garage Door Panel Damage Services

The team at Valley Overhead Door has seen all types of damage to garage door panels. We know how to find replacements to match your existing door and install them properly. By the time we finish, you won’t even know which panel was replaced. Our team does a thorough, careful job, relying on our more than 20 years of experience to do it right. Set up an appointment with us today for your garage door panel replacement.