Garage Door Roller Repair in Albany, Oregon

Garage Door Roller Repair in Albany, Oregon

Your garage door rollers keep the door on the right track. They allow it to open and shut smoothly by guiding it through the proper movement. If the rollers get damaged or dirt covers the tracks, your garage door may get thrown off and have trouble opening and shutting. 

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When you notice the garage door wheel moving off the track or the door shuddering when it opens, that signals a problem. Valley Overhead Door offers garage door roller repair and replacement in Albany, Oregon. We can fix your rollers or install new ones so your garage door runs perfectly again. 


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Do You Have Broken Garage Door Rollers? 

A garage door roller that works will spin easily in the track. When the rollers sustain damage or break, they stop moving so freely. They may make a loud noise when the door tries to open, or you may not be able to open the door at all. 

If your rollers aren’t working right, they can cause further harm to the door. It may slide off or begin bending the track in the wrong direction. Your garage door opener must work harder to open and close the door, which can put unnecessary strain on the device. You should contact a professional if: 

  • Your garage door won’t open or close. 
  • You hear loud noises or grinding coming from the track. 
  • You notice the garage door wheels coming out of the track. 

What Type of Garage Door Roller Do You Need? 

You can pick from three different types of garage door rollers, including: 

  • Nylon: These garage door rollers last longer than the other two types. They have more ball bearings, which help them run more quietly.
  • Steel: As one of the most common materials used for rollers, steel demands regular maintenance through lubrication and can last up to a decade. 
  • Plastic: If you want the most cost-effective option in the short run, plastic has the lowest price tag and lasts a couple of years. 

Choose Valley Overhead Door for Garage Door Roller Replacement

When you need assistance in the Albany region, turn to Valley Overhead Door. We have assisted residents for more than 20 years, and our experienced team can diagnose the issue with your garage door rollers and move on to a quick repair. You can also trust us for installation and regular maintenance. Make an appointment with us today to get started.