Garage Door Hinge Repair in Albany, Oregon

Garage Door Hinge Repair in Albany, Oregon

Does your garage door shake when it opens? You might have a broken hinge. Your garage door hinges help the door operate smoothly. When they fall out or fail, the door can malfunction before you find and replace the source. 

To diagnose the problem, turn to Valley Overhead Door. We have more than 20 years in the garage door business, and we can identify common garage door hinge problems. 

How to Fix Garage Door Hinges

You will have the best results when you have professionals replace your garage door hinges. If your door becomes unbalanced while you work on it, you or a member of your family could get hurt. 

If you do try to perform the work yourself, make sure to raise the door and steady it for a couple of minutes or brace it before trying to take out screws or bolts. Unplug the garage door opener, too. Once you have the door firmly in place, loosen the nuts and remove the hinge bolts. Pull the roller away from the track by tipping the hinge. 

To add the new hinge, align the roller and fasten the bolts from the outside, tightening the nuts. Make sure you use the same hole for the original hinge. 


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Do You Need New Garage Door Hinges? 

You can tell that your garage door needs a repair when it becomes noisier or jumps off the track while going up and down, which can lead it to shudder and shake. Signs you may need garage door hinge service include: 

  • Loose screws. 
  • An unbalanced garage door. 
  • Signs of damage, like broken pieces or rusting. 

Why Use Valley Overhead Door for Garage Door Hinge Repair? 

When you have a problem with your garage door, turn to Valley Overhead Door. We have assisted many people who have an unsteady or malfunctioning garage door and aren’t sure what’s causing the problem. We can diagnose the issue quickly, and our friendly technicians will make any repairs so you can get back to life as usual. 

Garage door repairs are a common need. We can assist residential and commercial garage door owners, and we know what to look for as soon as we reach your home or business. Contact us to request service today, and we can fix your garage door hinge. 

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