What You Should Consider Before Buying a New Garage Door in Oregon

What You Should Consider Before Buying a New Garage Door in Oregon

A new garage door can keep you safe, improve energy savings and transform your home’s curb appeal. But finding the right one can feel challenging. To make a confident purchase, you’ll first want to consider a few factors. From durability and functionality to aesthetics and materials, here’s what to consider when buying a new garage door in Oregon. 


Buying a garage door in Oregon means considering the weather for year-round functionality. From standard sectional doors that ride on parallel tracks to swing-style options, there are various styles you can choose from to fit your desired use. You might also consider insulated or noninsulated options and galvanized steel or low-maintenance materials. 

For example, if you’re using your garage as a mixed-use space or workshop, an insulated door can be an excellent option for the warmth and energy savings it’ll provide. However, if you’re using it for storage, a noninsulated door can reduce your upfront costs. You might also hope to install a glass door or windows that accommodate plenty of natural lighting so that you can work in your garage during the day without opening the door or turning on lights. 


If you already have a garage door, it’s fairly simple to take measurements. However, you’ll have more to consider if you’re building a new one or extending an existing door. A typical single-size garage door is about 7 feet tall and 8 feet wide. A double-car garage door can range in size, though the most common is 7 tall and 16 feet wide. 

To measure your current garage, start with the width and height of the opening. Then, move to the side of the door and measure the width from the wall to the opening. Next, measure your garage’s depth. Lastly, take a measurement of your garage’s headroom, or the space between your ceiling and the top of the garage door. If you cannot find a door that fits your garage’s measurements, you can get a custom-made garage door.


Considering functionality and aesthetics, think about the materials you’d like your garage door to be made of. Most of your door’s value is in its materials, as its longevity depends on these crucial parts. It’s also essential to remember that buying a high-quality door from a trusted manufacturer can ensure it lasts years.

Your garage door’s thickness will correspond with insulation levels and materials. Higher insulation levels hold onto heat and dampen sounds. For instance, steel doors can come in one- to five-layer constructions, depending on the heat and sound reduction level you’re looking for. Aluminum and glass garage doors also have layer options depending on the insulation and type of construction you’re looking for. 

The following are common garage door materials:

  • Steel: These doors are the most popular construction materials. They are affordable, durable, safe and require minimal maintenance. If you choose steel, you might opt for 24 gauge to prevent denting, especially for doors that aren’t insulated. Anything less will result in a thinner door. 
  • Aluminum: Aluminum is a popular choice in humid environments since they’re more corrosion- and rust-resistant. The lightweight material prevents excess strain on the door’s other hardware mechanisms. Thus, aluminum garage doors are often easy to install and require little maintenance. 
  • Glass: These garage doors are rising in popularity due to their attractive look and ability to accommodate natural light. They’re also low maintenance and durable, with tempered glass options offering additional strength. 

If you’re unsure what to look for in a garage door in Oregon, consider a style that will do well in our weather. For instance, while wooden doors provide an attractive and rustic look that’s easy to paint and customize, they might not fare as well as other materials due to the high amount of rain the state experiences year-round.

You’ll also want to consider your garage door’s springs and rollers. Most have torsion springs to ensure your door rises easily and lowers slowly. Investing in heavy-duty springs can increase your door’s life expectancy, providing a great return on investment and giving you years to enjoy it. Further, investing in the right rollers can contribute to sound dampening, allowing your door to move along the tracks effortlessly and quietly.


While you’ll want a low-maintenance garage door built to last, curb appeal is also crucial. An attractive garage door that matches your home exterior is beneficial if you want to increase its overall value

There are three main garage door styles to choose from, depending on the aesthetic you’re looking for. Each can come in various colors, finishes and materials. You might also consider customizing your garage door to fit your taste. Here’s a look at some common garage door styles:

Common Garage Door Styles

  • Traditional raised: The standard raised-panel garage doors are ideal for a simple, classic style that complements your home’s exterior. Symmetric rectangular panels make this type of door stand out, making it one of the most favored styles. You’re sure to find several traditional raised garage doors in various materials and colors. Whether you have a Cape Cod-style home or a Tudor, these doors will enhance your home’s exterior. 
  • Carriage house: The carriage house style doors replicate the style found in carriage houses of the past, though their timeless look is still popular today. Their decorative appearance offers a charming look, complementing both modern and historic home styles. While traditional carriage doors swing outwards and are made of wood, modern ones can open just like standard garage doors. 
  • Contemporary: A modern home should have a garage door to match. Modern garage doors are functional and sleek, complementing newer architectural styles. You can explore various contemporary designs, though steel and aluminum are popular choices for many homeowners. 

Ultimately, the style you go for should match the style and needs of your home. That way, you can match your aesthetic and increase your home’s curb appeal and overall value. 


While it can be tempting to install your own garage door, hiring a professional will save you more in the long run. It’s also crucial to avoid repairing or installing a door alone for safety purposes. Your time and safety are valuable, so hiring professionals is essential. Experts can save you time on this important project and ensure your safety. They’ll provide the expertise and experience to get the job done right and can even replace your old door opener simultaneously to save you time.

Purchase a Garage Door in Oregon

Purchase a Garage Door in Oregon

Choosing a garage door goes beyond style and aesthetics. You’ll want to consider your garage’s functionality, size, materials and installation. When you’re ready to make a purchase, connecting with a trusted and quality garage door company will ensure greater peace of mind about your installation. 

If you’re looking for installation or are unsure what to consider when buying a new garage door in Oregon, trust the expert team at Valley Overhead Door. We offer new garage doors in various styles and provide installation and repair services for homeowners near Albany, Salem and Corvallis. 

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