How to Winterize Your Garage Door in Oregon

How to Winterize Your Garage Door in Oregon

As a Willamette Valley homeowner, you appreciate the surrounding flora, fauna and abundance of outdoor activities. When the colder months arrive, the experts at Valley Overhead Door Sales have the information you need for weatherproofing your garage door for winter in Oregon.

3 Tips for Preparing Your Garage Door for the Oregon Winter

3 Tips for Preparing Your Garage Door for the Oregon Winter

You can take these steps to ready your garage door for the season’s elements.

Check the Major Components

Before winter arrives, you should give your door’s significant operating parts a close look. Check that all the cables are in good condition and securely attached. Inspect your garage door’s springs for signs of excess wear and connect with an expert to repair or replace them proactively if necessary.

During this inspection, you’ll also want to treat the moving parts with high-quality lubricant and check your door’s automatic reversal. A fresh coat of grease is less likely to freeze or dry out over the colder months. Test the door’s vital auto-reverse safety feature by disrupting the light beams. If it’s not operating correctly, it’s wise to address the problem as soon as possible.

Now is also the ideal time to replace batteries in keypads and remote openers.

Examine Your Weatherstripping

The colder season makes energy efficiency critical, which means you need functional weatherstripping. The rubber seal on your door’s bottom and stripping along the sides help keep unwanted moisture and cold air out — even small cracks or gaps can have a significant impact. Replace the stripping if you notice light or drafts around the door’s edges.

Invest in Garage Door Insulation

Insulation provides an extra layer of weather protection during extreme temperatures and keeps your garage at a comfortable level. It can also boost energy efficiency and reduce heating costs if your garage is attached to your home or beneath a second-story room.

You have two options if your home has an older model garage door without insulation — adding insulation or installing modern doors. Adding insulation to your door adds weight and can affect alignment and performance, so consult a professional before making a decision. Alternatively, you can install modern garage doors with multiple insulation levels, like the Clopay® Canyon Ridge® Carriage House 5-Layer style

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